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9 Anti-Aging Tips (from Avon)

Wednesday, November 23 2016

I just finished reading an article through my Avon site that features 9 anti-aging tips. I never really thought about skin care but as I have aged (I am in my 40's), I have been paying attention to the changes in my skin. I am not showing wrinkles YET (thank goodness!!) BUT I don't think I want to start looking older than my time. This leads me to point out the awesome skin care line by Avon called Anew. The line, launched in 1996, offers a complete selection of moisturizers, cleansers, anti-aging treatments and more. I like the Anew Vitale day cream. My face gets SUPER dry during the cooler fall days and all throughout the winter. I don't like creams and lotions that have a greasy feel, especially on my face. The day cream is light, not greasy and makes my face feel so soft! Check out the entire Anew line on my e-store, To read the article "9 Anti-Aging Tips to Know Now", follow this link:

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